Calibration and Qualification Centre

Qualification and Validation processes are essential parts of the healthcare’s quality assurance systems. It must demonstrate that the site, equipment and packaging are suitable for the intended use, and also should guarantee that the quality and integrity of the product is maintained.


Qualification and Validation processes are used to ensure:


    • The site – Warehouse and Temperature-Controlled areas
    • The equipment – Refrigerated Systems, Trucks and Vehicles
      We use state of the art technology and a comprehensive range of unique tools – including WHO-UNICEF qualified temperature recorders, to collect data without breaking seals on packaging containers, trucks or trailers
    • The systems – Temperature Monitoring Equipment
    • The packaging – Temperature-Controlled Shippers


are suitable for the intended use and maintain  the required product storage and in-transit temperature limits.


Qualification and Validation Services:

  • Temperature Equipment Calibration Services
  • Data Logger Hire
  • Environmental Chamber Testing
  • Thermal Packaging Design and Qualification
  • DSC Testing
  • Premises and Equipment Temperature Mapping
  • Premises and Equipment DQ, IQ, OQ, Thermal Mapping and PQ (warehouses, cool rooms, fridges and freezers) (refrigerated vehicles, trucks and containers)