Cold Chain Packaging Solutions

GCCS Temperature-Controlled courier and pallets shippers/eskys do not require special storage conditions or refrigeration during transport.  Available from 1 litre to 3,500 litres.

Validated to GMP worst case ambient conditions using industry qualification standards and common transport  routes.


Tested to Australian Summer and Winter (ASW) ambient worst-case conditions,  International (INT) ambient conditions and ISTA Profiles.


Our unique design and manufacturing methods allow for delivery as a flat pack to reduce inbound logistics costs and storage space. As well as custom-made sizes validated to any temperature and time profile to maximise distribution efficiency and minimise logistics & transport costs.


Using our range of PCM we can qualify  the same shipper or pallet to multiple product temperatures to reduce inventory.

Off-the-shelf/ready to use solutions.

Custom design to a range of temperatures and transit profiles.


Product Temperature Ranges:

+2°C to +8°C (Pharmaceuticals and Biologicals)

+2°C to +25°C (Pharmaceuticals)

+15°C to +25°C (Pharmaceuticals)

-33°C, -21°C, -16°C (Frozen)

-80°C (Dry Ice)