Thermal Pack (TPC) - Pallet in Pallet

Our engineers have developed a complete line of pre-qualified temperature controlled pallet in pallet to multiple transit profiles and temperature ranges.


The pallet in pallets are designed to forklift a pallet directly into and out of the temperature controlled pallet for easy loading and to reduce handling.


Validated shippers available from 1900 Litre to 3500 Litres.


Three models available to accommodate 1200mm x 800mm Euro Skids, 1200 x 1000mm Euro Pallets and 1200 x 1170 Australian and USA Pallets.


These temperature controlled shippers can be configured and validated to meet the following temperatures:

0°C to +5°C (Medical/Food)

+2°C to +6°C (Blood)

+2°C to +8°C (Pharmaceuticals and Biologicals)

+2°C to +25°C (Pharmaceuticals)

+15°C to +25°C (Pharmaceuticals)

< +25°C, < +30°C (Pharmaceuticals)

-50°C, -33°C, -28°C, -26°C, -21°C, -16°C (Frozen)


Validation is available from 72 – 144 hours. Other validation times and temperatures are available upon request.


GCCS specialise in custom-made sizes validated to any temperature and time profile to maximise distribution efficiency and minimise logistics & transport costs.


The pallets are designed to fit in aircraft doors and perfect for reducing export costs.


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