Thermal Pack (TPC) – Courier Shippers/Eskys

Our engineers have developed a complete line of off-the-shelf and pre-qualified temperature-sensitive courier shippers/eskys  to multiple temperature ranges and transit profiles.


Validated shippers/eskys available from 11 Litre to 155 Litres.


Validation is available from 24 – 96 hours. Other validation times and temperatures are available upon request.


Available in assembled or flat pack to reduce inbound logistics and storage costs. On average the cubic is 50% to 60% lower.


These temperature controlled shippers can be configured and validated to meet the following temperatures:

+2°C to +8°C (Pharmaceuticals and Biologicals)

+2°C to +25°C (Pharmaceuticals)

+15°C to +25°C (Pharmaceuticals)

-33°C, -21°C, -16°C (Frozen)

-80°C (Dry Ice)

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