Coldtainer® – Active Portable Transport Solution

Product Description

GCCS is the sole authorised distributor in Australia for Coldtainer®.

Coldtainer mobile refrigerators are used to transport medicines, vaccines, biological samples to be analyzed, blood and derivatives.

Versions are available, with an automatic cooling/heating system to guarantee the products transport at a constant temperature, regardless of the external environmental conditions, in compliance with the regulations in force (GDP 2013/C 68/01, WHO 961/2011).

Among types of transportable products:

  • Medicines
  • Vaccines
  • Blood and derivatives
  • Samples to be analyzed
  • Frozen samples and products
Models available from 22Lts to 1640Lts. External Dimensions
MODEL  Type Available Litres (Internal) Versions Available (Temperature) PU Insulation (mm) Net Weight Kg 

(varying as per model)

(L) mm (W) mm (H) mm

Top Loader

32 FDN (down to -24°C)

FDH (+40°C to -24°C)                                                                                                                                        

65 to 70 22.5 670 390 480
F0720 Front Loader 720

NDN (down to +0°C)

NDH (+30°C to +0°C)

FDN (down to -24°C)

FDH (+30°C to -24°C)

100 144 to 153 1400 1100 1100
F1640 Upright 1640 NDN (down to +0°C

NDH (+30°C to +0°C)

100 263 to 267.5 1000 1430 2175

Key Features

    • Flexible and economic solution to guarantee perfect temperature stability of cold chain products.
    • On board of standard commercial vans / trucks
    • Operated with a 12V battery (versions are available with integrated battery for autonomous operation) on board of vehicles
    • Built to perform in hard environmental conditions  (i.e. off road, high ambient temperature)



    • 4 portable top loaders
    • 4 front opening models
    • 4 front opening, upright type, models


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