Temperature Mapping

What is a temperature mapping study?

Temperature mapping is effectively a heat distribution study and performed to identify if required temperatures have been attained throughout the storage area (warehouse, cool room, freezer, vault, fridge, truck, van and/or car). 

Why temperature mapping studies are required?

-Regulators have increased GDP requirements on how to demonstrate that all controlled storage equipment or storage areas stay within the specified limits .

-To ensure the storage are maintain the acceptable product temperature during Summer and Winter external conditions.


How can GCCS experts can help your company?

GCCS conducts temperature mapping studies separate and as part of Qualification of Premises/Equipment Qualification services. We provide compliance documentation (protocol, data collection and comprehensive report) aligned with local and global regulations.



-It is to identify a temperature profile of the facility.

-To confirm that the temperature is measured where temperature sensitive products are stored. 

-It is to identify potential environmental control problems

-It is to identify locations for permanent Temperature Monitoring sensors

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